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  • Richard Todd

Combined Heat & Power plant update

Looking back at the last post about the Combined Heat & Power plant from July. It feels like an age ago.

At the time we were working through the loading calculations for the foundations and here we are now, two months later with the Furnace / Adiabatic Chamber in place the first section of the plant building being erected ready for the Turbine installation in early October.

Next week is a critical week on site with the heat exchanger delivery. The largest single piece of equipment probably into the tightest of spaces.

Still on track to be commissioning in December. Whilst it is easy to take a photo of pieces of plant being erected, the work behind the scenes is unrelenting. Covering all aspects of the unforeseen from training, fuel contracts, licensing, operational staffing and beyond.

The one unshakable fact, being that we truly believe in what we are doing. The production of sustainable / renewable energy and heat is crucial in this uncertain world, where we have become too reliant on overseas cheap energy imports.

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