Allium Energy is a trading name of F D Todd & Sons Ltd, which is the family business for which Richard is the fourth generation of the family to manage (Todd Waste Management, which was sold in June, was a division of F D Todd & Sons Ltd). Allium set up three years ago to process Organic wastes, split from Todd Waste Management. Todd Waste Management was the largest independent waste collection and processing company in North Yorkshire.

F.D.Todd & Sons


Built F D Todd & Son to the waste management business to be the largest, collector, processor and disposal of wastes within North and East Yorkshire. Operating from 6 sites across the North of England.

Allium Energy Waste recycling

1999 Set up Toddpak packaging compliance scheme, which has continued to grow over the last 18 years. Looking after the producer responsibility packaging obligations of a large number of obligated companies (www.toddpak.co.uk)


Allium Energy Waste recycling


2010 Became one of the first companies in the country to be granted TSF (Trans Frontier Shipment) authorisation to export RDF (refuse derived fuel) to the Netherlands for energy recovery.


2014 Started to develop the Land Restoration from the concept driven by changing legislation.

Allium Energy Land Restoration


Gained the first concern in the country from the Environment Agency, to use CLO on land restoration as a soil substitute for the benefit of growing biocrops.

Allium Energy Soil Substitute


Sold the waste collection business (todd waste management) to concentrate on the organic and land restoration division of F D Todd & Sons.

Allium Energy Land Restoration