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  • Richard Todd

World recycling day - organic waste

Today may be world recycling day, shining a spotlight on the industry.

But whilst the UK has made headway. One standout statistic is that there is 9.5 millions tonnes of food waste produced each year (ecoexperts feb23), but in the last published data only 486,000 tonnes of this is separated. By simple deduction there is 9 million tonnes of food waste disposed of within Household and Commercial wastes, that is not currently recycled.

Common sense to recycling is a starting point for change in 2026. But with many locally authorities tied into long term contracts, food waste may remain in household for the foreseeable.

At Allium, our innovative and permitted in vessel composting of non-source segregated food wases, is a guaranteed recycling route for food organics, processing the organics into a compost like output.

The composts are then incorporated into our land restoration projects, sequestering the carbon and producing a soil substitute that we cultivate into natural habitats and woodland.

True recycling and circular economy in action. Take a look at how we do it….


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