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  • Richard Todd

Biomass Chipping

Making sure that we produce the best products green waste composting is key to everyone in the compost business. Compliance with PAS100 is now the expected standard rather than an aspiration dream. But what do you do with the oversized arbocultural, horticultural and forestry wastes that arrive to be composted.

Chip it!

We have recently added a Heizohack chipper to our plant fleet. Which when operated in conjunction with our biomass washing operation, demonstrates a smart solution to producing a correctly sized biomass chip to be fed into biomass boilers. For all clean arbocultural and horticultural wastes, they are fed directly into the chipper to produce a G50 grade fuel.

The Heizohack chipper is nimble enough to be moved from site to site, to give us the ability to chip smaller quantities of forestry wastes and even attend demolition sites to clear brash and felled trees.

Energy from Organics

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