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  • Richard Todd

CHP plant planning application

In line with our mission to create green sustainable energy, particularly to support and benefit local businesses, we are currently engaged in a planning application process to build a new combined heat and power plant, here within our existing site at Alne. 

The proposed plans are for a 5MW CHP plant which, once operational, will see a throughput of local forest residues and refuse derived fuel, in accordance with a local authority permit. We already run a 1.2MW CHP plant, to give some context, the current plant is approximately the size of 1 transit van and the new site will be around 4 times the size. The building is the same height as the existing structure and we have already commenced a program of planting and landscaping around the perimeter of the site, along Forest Lane. There are numerous examples of ‘on farm’ 5MW CHP plants in the local area. 

Our innovative CHP plant is proposed to have a high quality extensive air clean up system, triple stage heat recovery system and power generation module. This means the footprint of the build increases to accommodate our technology, resulting in a carbon negative operation. The plant will be monitored by an independently regulated continuous emissions monitoring system. The system includes a real time reporting and auto shut down facility, again, all in line with a local authority permit.

In terms of traffic using the site we anticipate there will be 2 additional wagon movements per day, taking us to an average of 8 which are restricted to the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Historically, when the site operated as a waste transfer and landfill site, the daily vehicle movements were over 100 wagons. The route to site will be from the A19, therefore there will be no traffic to the West of the site or through Alne village.

As the proposed plant will take over the footprint of the existing portacabin and concrete pad there will be no loss of habitat within the area, however the former landfill site is currently being restored and planted with woodland which should encourage wildlife longer term. 

Extensive noise, emission and bio-aerosol assessments have been submitted with the planning application. It is important to us that we have a full and detailed understanding of the impact of the plant and prior to creating the plans we visited a number of reference sites to undertake our own research. 

It is very important to us to collaborate and consult with the local community on our plans. We have also identified an opportunity when building the site to install an electric car fast charging point, which would be discounted for people living in the local area. 

The thoughts and opinions of our neighbours matter to us, we would welcome any questions or the opportunity to discuss the application in more detail.


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