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  • Richard Todd

CLO Compost Like Output

For anyone that produces a Mixed Organic Product [MOP} from the processing of municipal solid wastes, you will be aware of the increasing difficultly with finding outlets.

Allium are heavily involved in the processing of non source segregated Organic Wastes to produce a Compost Like Output [CLO]. This CLO has been through animal bi-product sanitisation, then maturation and has the appearance of compost once finished. Though due to the non source segregated feedstock, it cannot be used to benefit agricultural land. It can only be used on land restoration schemes, such as landfill and colliery restoration, where it is controlled by Waste permits

Over the last few years we have been running R&D projects, with the intention of demonstrating the source of organic goodness that comes from CLO. this is the first stage in what we hope is an meaningful dialogue with the Environment Agency to allow the use of refined CLO on land, in a similar way to sewage sludge.

To keep our customers and the wider industry informed of the current regulatory position, and our efforts to have refined CLO recognised, we've put together the attached information sheet.

Allium CLO Sheet 270123
Download PDF • 146KB

Allium's approach is to be brave, innovative.

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