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  • Richard Todd

Compost clean-up

Compliance with PAS100 is one of the most pressing challenges to the compost industry. How do we consistently make a high quality output, if the there is contamination of glass, stone, metal and plastic in the feedstock.

Like most companies we have tried and failed with dry screening processes, at an early stage we identified that washing the compost was the only way to produce a consistent high quality output.

Whilst this solution is the result of R&D, we are proud that we our washing solution is now up and running. Processing over 60 cubes per hour of compost to a standard higher than PAS100. Removing all plastics, metal glass and stone from compost.

Once washed the compost is to be pressed through a plate press to remove the organic rich waters. These organic rick waters are recycled through the washing plant and the sledged fed into the adjoining small scale Anaerobic digester to provide the power and for the washing operation and heat to a drying floor.

Washing is a key part of our Organics clean-up process, the same plant is truly versatile, giving the ability to wash large tonnages of Bio-mass and Compost Like Output [CLO]

True to our values, energy from organics.


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