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  • Richard Todd

Organic Management & Soil Health

It is well documented that soil health has deteriorated as a result of intensive agricultural practices. Soil is the structure of life, it matters to all of us, that soil is healthy.

Latest research shows, that the use of inorganic chemical fertilisers has stripped the structure from soil to the extent that many soils are nutritionally dead, absent of organic matter, worm count and structure.

DEFRA as part of the their review of the Single Farm payment to agriculture, are to make it a requirement to manage soil health in return for agricultural subsidy, but in the absence of organic manures being available from livestock. Agriculture are now looking to the waste industry for sustainable solutions.

Gone are the days of the waste industry putting waste on land. The old deployment system allowed a quota of waste materials to put on land, but they there were tipped as a single stream and could never be construed as a benefit.

In order to develop our waste offering to land. We’ve identified an opportunity to work with Lancaster University & York bio-renewables, to create a certified NPK product from the waste materials that we manage. The project is aiming to create a NPK product from: Compost, Ash, Paper Crumb, AD solids and AD Substrate.

In addition we are looking to turn a number of these products into a pellet format, for either land use of energy production.

Early days, watch this space.

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