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  • Richard Todd

Organic materials Agronomical Benefit

Across Allium Group we handle a number of organic materials from PAS100 compost to Anaerobic Digestion Digestate.

Each of these wastes streams have an agronomical benefit, both in terms of NPK fertiliser values and organic loading into soils. To help illustrate the NPK benefit and inorganic fertiliser replacement value, we've published a simple fact sheet.

Over the next few years as farmers are encouraged and incentivised to improve soil health, the use of organics wastes to land are set to increase. Each of our organic products are certified and comply with PAS or other standards to ensure consistency and plan growth.

As we gain more experience in the organic market place, our next step is to create blends of products, tailored to specific land requirements.

AE_Benefit_Products Overview
Download PDF • 282KB

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