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  • Richard Todd

Powerlink 100kW Bio-Gas engine

One of our commitments in 2019 was to show that power generation on a small scale works. In the last week we have taken delivery of a new Powerlink 100kW bio-gas engine, ready for delivery to a new landfill site to commence power generation and export to the grid.

With our Powerlink partnership, we specialise in the supply and installation of small scale generation of 250kW and below. Managing the tailing of gas generation and giving bio-gas customers every penny of revenue, that can be generated from landfill gas fields - offering innovative thinking to our customer base.

Our bio-gas offering is a total package: from the supply of Generation equipment, management of landfill gas fields, parts stock for Powerlink units and maintenance backup.

At Allium energy we are courageous in our approach and offer expertise in designing small scale power solutions that many other companies don’t see.

Through our linkup with Powerlink, we offer a full range of Bio-Gas and Natural Gas engines, both Gensets and CHP units.

The bio-gas units are perfectly placed for small scale generation from mature landfill gas fields and Anaerobic Digestions plants. Natural gas units are more suited to generation of Heat and Power [CHP] for Industrial, commercial and leisure applications.

True to our work. Energy from organics.


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