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  • Richard Todd

What is Natural Capital

Natural capital – Land and Woodland from which flows natural benefits.

By using our expertise in land restoration, the new 2021 Environmental ACT has created the framework where well designed and measured restoration schemes can generate Bio Diversity Net Gain [BNG] and Woodland Carbon Credit. Both BNG and Woodland Carbon Credits have a value to developers who are destroying habitats through building. Or companies wishing to offset their Carbon usage.

Expertise in land restoration is at the heart of what allium do. Over the years we have transformed landfills and colliery sites from having zero soil structure to organic rich soils structure, with the capacity for strong plant growth.

At the direction of the planners, this end use has been predominantly poor-quality grazing grassland, where thereafter there has been little appetite for livestock to graze. With the new opportunity to create diversity in restoration and monetarise this value. The future of land restoration and ecological improvement is aligned.

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