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  • Richard Todd

Why CHP in preference to Solar. District Heat Main

Whilst power generation from renewable sources is the darling of green revolution. Many people do not appreciate that this can only ever be a component of the energy generation portfolio.

As there is a disconnect between when the wind blows and when power is needed. On many occasions power is being generated when the demand is low. Whilst battery technology is now being incorporated into Wind and Solar to align generation to use, this is incredibly expensive and battery efficiency deteriorates rapids over a relatively short time (5 years).

Combined Heat and power on the other hand is much less glamorous and requires a fully operational business model. However, the output is consistent both in terms of heat and power, this is often referred to as base load generation. Whilst power is exported to the grid, a carefully planned installation will also have an outlet for the heat, whether this be to a private user or district heating main. With outlets for heat and the power, plant efficiencies of circa 90% are achieved.

We are currently thinking smart and opened early discussion with the developer of a local new masterplan about exporting the available heat from our Alne CHP via a district heat main. Watch this space.

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