What we do:

On site at our Alne site we operate a Biomass CHP plant.

How we do it:

The Biomass plant generates hot water from the burning of BSL approved biomass to feed several processes where the hot water is used. In each application the biomass generated hot water is a direct replacement for oil or gas generated hot water. These applications including heating and washing processes.



As part of the development plan at the Alne site we are looking to produce a Biomass Fuel from suitable wood wastes.

How we do it:

These waste wood products will not be BSL approved and as such will only be used in a biomass plant that has the suitable flue gas clean-up system fitted. The timber wastes are likely to be oversized compost and construction timber.


Within a few years as the short rotation willow coppice is harvested. We will burn this BSL approved within the biomass plant as a direct replacement for the wood wastes.



What we do:

At both the Alne and Knapton sites we are extracting and managing the landfill gas as part of the aftercare programme, using this gas to generate Electricity which is fed back into the national grid. 

How we do it:

The management of the landfill gas prevents the uncontrolled release to methane which is the gas generated as the wastes within the sealed landfill cells decomposes. It is modelled that the gas generated from the two sites will be produced for up to 15 years before the waste are stabilised.

We use a combination of gas turbines and reciprocal engines, matched to the type and volume of gas produced in each field.

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